Technical Expressions takes your trust - and your right to privacy - very seriously. We won't ever rent, sell, or loan any information about you. The following privacy policy outlines the type of information we gather - and how we use it - from users and visitors of Technical Expressions.

Types of Information Gathered
Technical Expressions may at any given time gather two types of information:

  • Registration data, which you provide directly in order to receive optional access to certain services or site areas and which may or may not require both demographic information (name, email address, zip code, etc.) and preference information (username, password, etc.)

  • -AND-
  • Usage information, which is automatically provided by each user's browser for each page requested on our site (commonly referred to as web site log data).
  • Registration Data
    This data is analyzed for internal demographic purposes only, and is never provided to third parties, except to the extent necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable laws or in legal proceedings where such information is relevant. Technical Expressions does not knowingly accept or use personal profile information from children 12 years old or younger. Usage (Log) Data We gather and analyze users' current Internet Protocol (IP) addresses -- an address typically assigned to individual browsers by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) -- to help with a variety of site management issues, none of which allow us to connect your IP address with your personal identity. For example, we use log data to: